Thinglinking Maps in Cologne and Bergheim

 Students from Germany show us Cologne and Bergheim maps using Tninglink device;  Here you can have a glimpse at some of our thinglink maps. Our students thinglinked maps of Bergheim and Cologne showing important and some of their favourite places around here.  https://twinspace.etwinning.net/86091/pages/page/1139041

Youtubing Monuments in Heraklion

  Youtubing cultural and historical sights, monuments and landmarks of Heraklion city in Crete, Greece The video was created by the student of the 3rd Gymnasium of Heraklion Crete Pelagia Fotini Theodoraki.

Timeline Of Cretan History

"Timelining our History" from Germany

Dear partners, this is our version of the activity "timelining our history". Our students did this as an artwork creating milestones with their teacher Patricia Arste during our project-workshop! Thank you very much!

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Beautiful acrostic from Greece

Thanks to STYLIANI LYKOGIANNAKI for this amazing words “MY HERITAGE, OUR FUTURE” by Stella Lykogiannaki M emories Y ou need to discover H idden in the fog of silence E choes of the distant past R eady to be revealed I magine everything is connected T he past, the present and the future A n endless repetition – the G rowing circle of life E verything is connected O ur past is our identity U nlimited possibilities R eminding us of what we could achieve F eel the essence of life in every culture U ntil the end of time T elling stories – creating legends U ntil the end of time – the sky is the limit! R eaching out every soul E verything is connected… Sintra, Portugal 30/10/2019

Our project on Civitavecchia local Tv.

Our project on Civitavecchia local Tv.