Heraklion Acrostic

Our Greek partner send to all this awesome acrostic of Heraklion  

All is prepared to our LTA in Badajoz

 We are expecting to start our new Learning and Teaching Activities in Badajoz, Spain All is prepared at  Sopeña School in Badajoz to host our partners in our last mobility with this project

Learning and Teaching Activities In Kurim

  We had the most wonderful time in Brno and Kurim! Students say they experienced so much more than they had ever hoped to see - beautiful landscapes, historic buildings (and bunkers from the times of war), delicious food... And, what is more, very generous and hospitable hosts!  Programme - mobility CZ.docx Here is an (incomplete) list of things we visited:  - the city of Brno - the city of Kurim - an old underground factory - the Mazucha abyss - the Punkva caves  - the outdoor museum of Bohemian and Moravian farming life  - the town hall of Kurim  - the Jungmannova school  ... and so much more.  

Virtual Mobility - Germany

 Along three days, 21th to 23th of February, we are working all together with collaborative activities among all countries.  Visit our Twinspace and check all our results and products generated.  https://twinspace.etwinning.net/166067/pages/page/2092636   Our intercultural travelguide Haz clic para leer este libro hecho con Book Creator https://read.bookcreator.com

Finished comic from the Gutenberg-Gymnasium.

  Alexander Breuer  (Germany) Another finished comic from the Gutenberg-Gymnasium.  We hope you like it. We think the legend is very interesting. Also, it is interesting that the story has two different endings and you can decide which one you like the most. Although we noticed that the legend is about different religions. We think that it is surprising that the father locked his own and probably only daughter up in a tower. Maja Kowalsky, Soraja, Jenny & Selma (Germany) This is our version of your legend. We have two different endings! This was made by Maja, Selma, Jenny and Soraja This legend has been quite entertaining to read and to work with. Even though it is similar to other legends it was not boring because it had another background history. We liked that Zoraida follows her dreams and does not let her father control her. Another thing that we liked was that Zoraida did not care about religion and loved who her heart wanted her to. This legend was very heartcatching for us

Learning about our Grandparent´s Europe in Germany

  Learning about our grandparent´s Europe in Germany (A26) On the 9th and 10th of November 2021, we took advantage of the BERGHEIMAT´s (Museum of the City of Bergheim) offer and heard stories and interesting facts about Jewish life in Bergheim told by local guides at four stations in Bergheim (the historical fountain at St. George's Chapel, at the hospital, at the Nepomuk statue on the Erft Bridge and at the Jewish cemetery). The occasion for this offer was the anniversary year "1700 years of Jewish life north of the Alps". Please click the link above in the title in order to get to our school´s homepage and more photos.